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Brand and Fashion Marketing Expert

Here at Mashuga Marketing we are proud to announce that we now have available to your business a Brand and Fashion Marketing Guru.

Tracy Mandelman has been involved in fashion and a Brand ambassador for 15 plus years and she adds to the many marketing fields we cover here at Mashuga Marketing. Let her take your fashion ideas and brand your business today.

“I’ve been in marketing for over 15 years and love the creativity and analysis involved. I’ve found that marketing is very rewarding and challenging because I work with virtually all functions, and there are so many ways to promote brands/products/services, reach consumers, increase sales, etc. Because marketing plays such a key role in the companies that I’ve worked for, I get to be more involved and see more of the bigger picture.” said Tracy.

Clients Product Announced On Major Industry News

In working with one of our client’s to help market and promote his Calming Cross™ We are excited to announce that this product was featured on the front front page of the National Industry Newspaper sent out by NOMIS for the Funeral Home and Cemetery industry.

The item is called the “Calming Cross” and was created by  business owner and woodworker, Marc Herring, in the Stikmon Wood Werks work shop located inside the Ozark Classic Crafts Mall on Main St. in Hardy, Ar.

This publication which is distributed by Nomis Publications, Inc. and is called the Funeral Home & Cemetery News has a distribution of over 22,000 funeral homes and cemeteries across the country.  Mashuga Marketing has been working at promoting this wonderful item and this news story is very exciting.

The potential exposure for this one locally made product is immense and has the added benefit to potentially create some well needed local jobs here in Hardy, Ar., especiall if the demand of this product continues to grow as expected.

The Calming Cross has gotten so much positive feedback from individuals who have seen, held and also purchased one that it now has its own dedicated website set up for dealers who are looking to carry this product.

As its own slogan goes, “From One Hand To Another” the enthusism of this item continues to grow outward from one small work shop in Hardy, AR to more and more retail shops across the country.

Going crazy to promote your business!

We here at Mashuga Marketing are happy to announce that we are now dealers for over 30 different promotional and marketing product companies. What this means to you, is we can pretty much find if not make you what ever you need to promote your business.

With a larger base of manufacturer and suppliers we can also work hard to find you the most economical  price for your  marketing materials.  It’s hard enough running your business, let us help your customers remember you !